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Resources for Teaching 2014

Teaching and research Items from EUROGEO

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"Seeing People in the Map" storymap
An awesome visualization of current global weather conditions
An Ocean of Story Maps
Arab Region: Atlas of Our Changing Environment
Boreal Forest - Canadian Geographic Magazine
ESRI Thematic Atlas
Geography Soup
Google Earth A to Z: Volcanoes
Google Earth for teachers
Learn & Explore the World of Engenious! From Tropical Volcanic Island to Arctic Regions
Learn Europe
Learning about sea level change, contours and profiles interactively ;
Make a pirate treasure map with Bing
Soar over Japan in an entirely new way with 3D imagery in Google Maps.
World's 10 most interesting borders

climate graphic


2014 is International Year of Family Farming. Info & teaching ideas
Air pollution – news and resources round up
All about clouds - and other tools for STEM education
CLEAN Free Digital Teaching Resources on Climate and Energy
Climate Change: A satellite’s view of ship pollution
Data Basin: Free and open access to maps and data supports learning
Earth Systems, Climate Change
Explanation of the polar vortex
Frameworks for Intercultural Learning
Geography resources for educators
Getting students to create their own industrial town - cross curricular project
Global Food Challenge Explained in 18 Graphics
Global Learning Programme from the GA
Globalization: Great website full of information
How to use the new Google Earth Tour Builder
NASA_EO "World of Change"
Satellite Imagery of Sochi
StoryMap: Exploring the Gaza Strip's Varied Geography
The Natural Sounds of Planet Earth
Tour Olympic host cities past, present & future
Types of volcano hazards
Typhoon Haiyan and Climate Change

climate graphic


Brazil World Cup 2014 resources for schools
Social Atlas of London Londonmapper
Teaching Basic Map Skills To Young Children
From geo-education to geocommunication, GA keynote lecture on geography and the media
How Much Have We Polluted?
News stories / videos / photos / graphics) from the BBC on the UK winter storms
Take your class to Rio....
World Cup 2014 maps and apps

36 great tools for data visualisation
Coordinate Systems Tutorial Videos
Educators Gain access to Environmental Data with NOAA View
Exploring Three Decades of Violent Storms
July updates for ArcGIS Online are in and significant for educators
Marine Missions app for young students in ocean conservation:
The World at 7 billion', where do you fit in that? Lots of population resources.
Tour de France teaching resources
What does it mean to be poor?
World vegetation index from NASA satellite imagery, April 2014


Climate Legislation Study, comprehensive law audit in 66 countries
Maximizing the Impact of Mapping and Crowdsourcing
Skills in Maths & Stats in Geography, tackling the transition Report

ArcGIS Online in higher education? Tons of info on
Following 'Geography Education' via @APHumanGeog
Gapminder Video on why child survival helps stop population growth
Geography iPad apps for you
Global Datasets from NASA's Earth Observatory
How to Cite Social Media in Scholarly Writing
Mobile mapping app
Resource: An Introduction to Physical Geography
Stock Geography Lessons
Story Map used to show atlas of Northern Atlantic fish stocks:
Water crisis in Las Vegas, teaching materials
Map Reveals 500K sq Miles of Global Deforestation Over 12 Years
Place-based Geography Videos
Teaching resources from the first full week of term
Storymap map tour with ArcGIS Online, start here:
Exploring Mexico through Dynamic Web Maps


Geography and Mathematics Maps and Lessons in ArcGIS Online
How to Cite GIS Materials
ScribbleMaps Mapping Skills Tool
Using Landsat imagery to map change

Your Life on Earth
Bangladesh Geography pack for Primary Schools
Discovering Galapagos - website
Geography infographics on @Visually
Global Learning and Cartoons
Great web maps allow users to answer their own questions
How to Cite GIS Materials
iGETT Remote Sensing resources
Online Science Education library launched
Privatisation of Urban Planning Vimeo talk
Teaching Resources on Ebola from the @The_GA
Using Landsat imagery to map change
Using landscape layers in ArcGIS Online
What Earth looks like from one of NASA's most advanced satellites

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