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50 Physical Geography stories from 2014

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Glaciers message in a bottle
Keeping tabs on the quickening pace of sea level change
Taking Earth's Temperature from Space
The Polar Vortex Gets Its 15 Minutes of Fame
What lies beneath? Scientists discover giant trench under Antarctic Ice

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Glacier retreat over the course of a year!
MODIS indicates Pine Island glacier rift has further opened
Perhaps Scotland DIDN'T have glaciers just a few hundred years ago. Was it moraine or pro-talus rampart?
Perspectives on exploring Greenland Ice Sheet, glaciologist Carl Benson
Should coastal Britain surrender to the tides?
The Stiffkey Catchment Plan, UK, your river needs you!
Timeline of 2013: A Year of Extreme Weather Events

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Barents Region if all ice on earth melted
Heat waves melted Greenland Ice Sheet 1889, 2012
Satellite Observations of Arctic Change (SOAC)
Sentinel satellite mission shows ice loss
Volcanic "sudden island" near Japan
Worlds glaciers now mapped
Ancient volcano responsible for Earth's first mass extinction
Download CryoSat-2 Ice and Ocean Data Products
Giant prehistoric landslide dammed Yangtze River and could happen again
El Niño and the world's weather in 2014
Tropical Ice Cores: a new 1800-year record
Massive ocean discovered near earths core
Snow sensing helps predict water shortages
The challenges facing the vulnerable Antarctic
The frozen and refrozen terrain deep beneath Greenland 's ice sheet
Warm Snap Turned Antarctica Green Around the Edges 15m years ago
Web-graphics for Greenland Ice Sheet melting launched by NSIDC.


23 years straight: Mountain glaciers lose more mass through melting than they gained through new snow
Disappearing glaciers
Disappearing glaciers storymap
GPS measurements show Iceland’s crust spreading on Bardarbunga dyke intrusion
How study of ice cores reveals Earth’s climate history
Lidar map shows Missoula floods that shaped Oregon
Most Comprehensive Paleoclimate Reconstruction
New online tool offers collection of USGS topographic maps
The first globally-complete glacier inventory
Alaska sinks as permafrost thaws
Peru, home to 70% of world's tropical glaciers, says they've shrunk by almost half


Ancient Map Could Warn of Active Volcano in Turkey
Reconstructing climate from moss banks
There may have been a glacier in Scotland in the 1700s
BBC News - Goce gravity map traces ocean circulation
New research reveals what's causing sea level to rise
Ocean sediment chronicles cyclonic past
Pine Island Glacier's retreat 'irreversible'
Salty soils are damaging world's crops

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