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50 stories about Hazards from 2014

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Five most important landslides of 2013
Predicting Natural Disasters and Humanitarian Crises through GIS
The Role of High-Resolution Imagery and GIS in Flood Relief Efforts in Colorado
Aerial photos of Tewkesbury at flood time, salute the medieval town & abbey planners
Spectacular "blue lava" flows from an Indonesian volcano every night

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Dredging rivers won't stop floods. It will make them worse
How Does The Thames Barrier Stop Floods
How geoinformation services can help in disasters
Online Mapmakers Helping the Red Cross in the Philippines
Satellites track the volcanic plume from Kelut in Indonesia
Trees-the solution to flooding?
UK Floods - council declare major incident on Somerset levels
US earthquake fault zone alive and active, study finds
Visualizing the 2013 Colorado Flood
What Caused the Deadly Midwestern Tornado Outbreak?
Skafta, Iceland glacial outburst flood
Timeline of 2013: A Year of Extreme Weather Events

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Damage from Extreme Weather Mounts As Climate Warms
Real time lightning map
Why were Images of flooding in Colorado not posted?
Collapse of Lusi mud volcano
Sumatra 2012 quakes point to seafloor break-up
Taking the 'pulse' of volcanoes using satellite images
USGS Flood data resources and Alert notification services


Indian floods leave 10s of thousands stranded
Los Angeles awaits earthquake that could be the 'Big One'
NOAA Tsunami Website
Over 1500 Potentially Vulnerable Buildings in LA
Phillippines learning lessons from previous natural disasters
Chile hopes earthquake technology can help save lives
Earthquake "predictions" and pattern recognition
Earthquake hazards map research finds deadly flaws
Reservoirs can make local flooding worse, says study
Iceland volcano begins erupting
Mega Earthquake: Chile Is Long Overdue For 'The Big One'
Sentinel-1 aids response to Namibia flood
Shaking up earthquake warning systems
UNFAO estimates 13m people's incomes threatened by locust in Madagascar
What caused California's Napa Valley earthquake?
Why is this year's hurricane season so quiet?
Aerial View of China's Colossal Dust Storm
Big earthquakes double in 2014, but scientists say they're not linked
Giant Antarctic iceberg ‘could pose hazard to shipping lanes’, scientists warn
Mysterious Louisiana sinkholes
Predicting earthquakes: why seismologists have a mountain to climb


California drought: Scientists puzzled by persistence of blocking 'ridge'
Flood defenders go back to nature to keep vulnerable homes dry
Permafrost...It’s Chill thawing impacting ecosystems on land & offshore
The evolution of tornado science and how it has helped save lives
Mapping the California Drought with Open Data

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