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50 stories about Environmental Geography from 2014

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Carbon footprint maps
Global Forest Canopy Heights
Top 5 environment issues to be discussed in the EU under the Greek Presidency

climate graphic


Beijing is so smoggy China now televises sunrises on giant TV screens
China faces $176bn bill to clean up air pollution
Connect green revolution science to the UN
Germany plans to bulldoze towns for brown coal
India is building solar canals to produce energy while slowing water loss
Poland hosts both the UN climate change conference AND an international coal summit
Scientist silencing in Canada continues for federally-funded research
The future offshore is wind
Why This Year’s Gulf Dead Zone Is Twice As Big As Last Year’s

climate graphic


Air pollution around the world mapped by city
Brazil has world’s weirdest carbon footprint
Can China’s Air Pollution Action Plan Slow Down New Coal Power Development?
Seas and oceans can provide solutions to 'societal challenges'
What is environmental health science?
Chinese environmental group develops app to shame air polluting factories
How our oceans are creeping back into geography classrooms
How So Much Plastic Got Into the Frozen Arctic Sea
Climate scientists must not advocate particular policies
Rivers help reduce the Urban Heat Island Effect
What are the sources and impacts of marine litter?


Black carbon is worse for global warming than previously thought
Brazil uses satellite imagery to reduce illegal deforestation
Map of Aquatic Dead Zones
Urbanization and catastrophic levels of pollution
Choking the Oceans With Plastic
UNEP database of research for areas of environmental policy
Destroyed coastal habitats produce significant greenhouse gas
Finding a place for cities in the UN’s “Sustainable Development Goals”
Help tackle European marine litter problem by collecting data with the EEA app
Lifemapper shows where Earths organisms live today and might go tomorrow
Monitoring salt marshes using remote sensing: interactive map
Ocean acidification puts Norway in a pickle
Six Priorities for Antarctic science
World’s Largest Dam Removal Unleashes U.S. River After Century of Electric Production
Can oil save the Ecuador rainforest?


3 Ways to Achieve Zero Tropical Deforestation by 2020
6 Lessons Brazilian Cities Learned from Greenhouse Gas Inventories
EU to cut carbon emissions by 40% by 2030
Fast Cycling Pollutants affect Sea Level Rise
Four energy policies that can keep the 2°C climate goal alive
Global leaders tackle growing strain on natural resources
Global approach to monitoring biodiversity loss?
Green spaces have lasting positive effect on well-being
How Much Is Clean Water Worth?
Sahel region learning to reap benefits of shade
Scientists and aid experts plan for a warmer future
Tackling Energy Poverty with Renewables 

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