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50 stories about Climate from 2014

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2013 was Australia's warmest year on record
European Commission: What's causing climate change?
Indonesian indigenous groups fight climate change with GPS
Climate for Culture project
Interactive Map Reveals Earth After The Ice Melts and Sea Level Rises
Study: Climate change may be fueling expansion of mangrove forests

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Climate change is messing with rainfall across the entire planet
Climate change: a survivors' guide
Grassroots climate change solutions: Seeds of Knowledge download
How Millions of People Can Help Solve Climate Change
If all the Ice melted: National Geographic's Interactive map on Rising Seas
What will be the future of the IPCC?

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These cities could be hugely impacted by rising sea levels
Yes, the planet is still getting warmer and pretending it isn’t can be expensive
Climate change will 'cost world far more than estimated'
Sea level rising, flood risk and UK nuclear plants
Climate change threatens Tibet's rare Alpine plants
Explore Climate Data interactive map
What do the European heat wave of 2003 and the Russian heat wave of 2010 have in common? Anthropogenic climate change?


8 charts showing climate change is making the world more dangerous
Great Lakes meltdown: shrinking ice cover worries scientists
High climate sensitivity
Latest State of the Climate: it's still getting hotter
NZ study finds people living near the coast are more likely to believe in climate change:
The world's most extensive climate change adaptation plans
Climate Science: can geo-engineering save the world
Fresh water supplies at risk due to climate change
Global Leaders Highlight Actions Needed to Achieve Climate Justice
Mapping climate communication, visually depicted by Joanna Boehnert
New high-temperature records have been set in 2014
Rocky Mountain forests at risk: report
U.N. Climate Summit will help seal the fate of nations
Vertical geopolitics of climate change
Ice loss sends Alaskan temperatures soaring by 7 deg C
No more pause: Warming will be non-stop from now on - New Scientist
Worldwide, September 2014 was the warmest it has ever been.


Climate change is already messing up Australia's ocean environment
Climate change makes pests move north from the tropics – study
Climate change pushes farmers in India to the tipping point
Denmark signals fight for tougher 2030 climate and clean energy goals

Explore potentially innovative and transformative solutions to address climate change
Global Warming Brings Trees to Arctic Tundra
Global Warming Causes More Extreme Shifts of the Southern Hemisphere's Largest Rain Band
Global warming contradiction: Less snow, more blizzards
How to rebuild trust at UN climate change talks?
IPCC calls for climate mitigation to prevent 'serious disruption to human activities'
The 7 deadly sinners of climate change
UN climate change report offers stark warnings
Wetlands may help mitigate carbon emissions, study finds
What Would Success Look Like at COP 20 in Lima?

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