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50 Human Geography stories from 2014

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How ethical are high street clothes?
The global city revisited
European Cities two steps ahead with the Future Policy Modeling Project
The Geography of "Smart" vs. "Entrepreneurial" Cities
The power of geography on communication

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5 Reasons Why Migrants Are Beneficial to Cities
Anthropocene science requires bigtime investment in interdisciplinary collaboration & cyberinfrastructure
Bill & Melinda Gates predict there will be almost no poor countries by 2035
More consumption not necessary for human well-being, says UN report
The geography of money in biotech
World Bank Says Sub-Saharan African Tourism Key for Jobs
2014 is International Year of Family Farming. Info & teaching ideas

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Philosophy of urban planning
Population projections PRB World Population Data Sheet: Europe's population, now 740m, will be 732m by 2050
Social geography - Xenia Gazette
The 'New Scramble for Africa'
The Cartography Of Geopolitical Chaos
EU's biofuels push at center of land-rights disputes
Geography of Isolation - Pacific Standard
Mind the gap: why UN development goals must tackle economic inequality
Using Twitter to map the cultural landscape
Who Owns the Arctic


Ageing Within next 10 years, there will be 1 billion older people worldwide.
Striking maps of 2000 years of intellectual migration in the West
The era of the 'endless city'
The three Ps of climate change and agriculture
UN: World population to reach 8.1billion in 2025
Can SoftGIS tools help us discover the human element?
Invisible Borders That Define Culture
Launch of the Social Atlas of Europe
More urbanites, more cars: the challenge of urban road safety and health
Participatory mapping in the Congo
Sustainable cities also about improving the quality of life by urban design
Thanet Earth the farm of the future
Tourism in Antarctica
Climate for Culture Project Examining adaptation to preserve cultural and heritage assets in Europe
Improving transportation, improving life
Transport in Europe can drive shift to green growth
Urban Observatory!


Map of People Who Die Trying to Immigrate to Europe
Map of the world's most and least racially tolerant countries
Smart building technologies needed to save energy waste
Story of Globalization in one Graph
How Micro-Location, Geofencing and Indoor Location Are Driving The Retail Revolution
Sea-level rise and use of geodata
Sea-level rise threatens islands' maritime rights
Should we build new cities at sea?
The Geopolitical Impact of Cheap Oil
Walkable Urbanism on the Rise
What does the future hold for our cities

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