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EUROGEO E-Newsletter: January 2014

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World forum for Democracy EUROGEO stand

Debating Democracy 2.0

EUROGEO participated in the World Forum for Democracy 2013 at the Council of Europe in Starsbourg, France. The association presented geographical persectives on the theme - Connecting Citizens and Institutions in the digital Age. The event was attended by over 1200 young leaders from around the world, experts and politicians. The World forum for Democracy took place in Strasbourg from 27-29 November. The main theme - Connecting Citizens and Institutions in the Digital Age - discussed how technical developments can enable higher citizen participation in today's democratic societies. Read more about the event. picture European Parliament EUROGEO at the World Forum for Democracy

Starting GeoCapabilities 2

EUROGEO is a partner in the newly funded, three year GeoCapabilities 2 Project which is coordinated by the Institute of Education in London, UK. The first meeting took place in London 5-7 December 2013. Other partners include the Geographical Association, University of Helsinki, the American Association of Geographers, The project is about leadership and curriculum making in geography. The meeting sought to initiate a discussion of the tension between policy and practice in geographical teacher education and training. It sought to clarify some visions, dreams and possibilities for the future of the project. GeoCapabilities meeting photo

Capabilities are expressed as the potential for the individual to express themselves in society. It considers how we can change from only dealing with what is easy to assess in education rather than assessing what is valuable. In teacher education and training it is concerned with identifying and concentrating on powerful disciplinary (geographical) knowledge. The lack of geographical education deprives and hinders human development. These discussions are further developed in a recently published paper in RIGEO. Read more

The project team discussed capabilities and competences and perspectives on powerful knowledge as specialised knowledge, which are developed as social constructs beyond everyday activities. In what way is geography a powerful knowledge? Curriculum making as the creative work of the teacher in combining the experience of learners, the pedagogy and the discipline. Deliberation as a critical assessment of their geography, pupils and pedagogies. GeoCapabilities explores deep, descriptive and relational thinking. The project will look to identify examples of how this powerful knowledge is necessary to help young people to make decisions as we are increasingly forced to act in geographic ways. GeoCapabilities 2 follows up the recently concluded NSF-funded GeoCapabilities Project, led by Michael Solem of the American Association of Geographers. Find out more about GeoCapabilities

School on the Cloud Network

In December 2013 members of EUROGEO took part in the preparatory meeting for a new funded network called School on the Cloud (SoC).

The Cloud is a major technological breakthrough with huge potential for education. It allows students and their tutors/teachers to interact productively in formal and informal education situations. Hosted Cloud communities mean that learners themselves can become creators and developers. Every learner will have access to a device of their own

School on the Cloud Wordle graphic graphic

The School on the Cloud ICT network will respond to the dynamic, interactive, multimedia ICT environments that allow resources to be distributed in a range of formats. SoC will undertake research and publish the "state of art"; examine pedagogical approaches; produce guidance resources for teachers and educators; establish four working groups themed on management (transition), iTeacher, personalised learning and Cloud-based digital futures; create a Web site with services offering access to materials, training opportunities and SoC products, reports and resources. The SoC network will establish guidance and advice for managers in transition to the Cloud; highlight the important role of iTeachers (innovative teachers) as major change agents in shaping the future of learning; explore learner-oriented (personalised and collective) approaches and envision future dimensions as the Cloud empowers innovation and connects citizens. Follow School on the Cloud on LinkedIn.

2014 Conference: Call for sessions, papers and posters

From 15-17 May 2014, Valletta will be the geographic epicenter of Europe when it will host the 35th annual conference organised by the European Association of Geographers (EUROGEO). conference 2014 cover

The event will be run in conjunction with the Faculty of Arts of the University of Malta. It has the theme The Power of Geography and the Role of Spatial Information and will highlight an increasingly important and rapid growing field affecting all aspects of society in Europe and beyond.

One key output of the conference will be the establishment of a series of interdisciplinary research groups around the key challenges to be addressed by the forthcoming Horizon 2020 EU programme for research and innovation. Horizon 2020 aims to "tackle societal challenges by helping to bridge the gap between research and the market by, for example, helping innovative enterprises to develop their technological breakthroughs into viable products with real commercial potential" (EC Horizon 2020, 2013). Geographers will have without a doubt a very important role the play in this debate as spatial information is increasingly produced, used and shared by citizens in a wide variety of applications.

Abstracts and posters can be submitted to by March 31st 2014. Topics concerned with big data in the fields of urban geography, transport and the environment are encouraged while papers dealing with the role of spatial data in decision-making are considered most relevant to the theme, as well as submissions on the role and importance of geography in today's changing world.

In addition to its scientific content, the conference also offers several rich cultural excursions. For more information:

Upcoming events

Council of Europe session The NGOs with participatory status will meet in the Council of Europe, Strasbourg, at the same time as the Parliament sits, from 27 - 31 January 2014.

Geography Education Roadmap for Europe meeting This meeting wil take place in Utrecht from 20 - 22 February 2014.

digital-earth training courses EUROGEO will hold training courses for teachers on how to use new digital geographic media in schools. Are you aware of the newest geographic mapping, navigation and information tools already available to us and how you can include them in your classes?
o Find out about the two training courses taking place in Salzburg, Austria on: 2-6 March 2014 Details at: The training is the result of the Comenius network project.

EUROGEO Annual Meeting 2014: May 15-17 2014 Call for Abstracts The conference will be held at the old campus, University of Malta in Valetta. Papers are invited on all aspects of Geography, particularly those dealing with the issues of big data in the fields of urban areas, transport and the environment, amongst others. Papers dealing with the role of spatial data in decision making will be considered as most relevant to the conference theme. A key aspect to consider is the role and importance of geography in society today and the future. Full details available from:

EJG Update

The European Journal of Geography (EJG) is the main publication of the European Association of Geographers. It seeks to provide commentary and the latest research in all areas of geography and related subjects. The purpose of the journal is to promote the discipline and the work of geographers to decision makers. EJG is an important lobbying tool in Brussels and Strasbourg. Geographers need to have increasing influence in decision making circles and, based on their work and research, have many important things to say.

Submission details and the latest issue of the European Journal of Geography can be found at

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Geographical Stories Database

Stories Database: EUROPE

europe graphic

Dutch cities have the most ambitious climate targets in Europe, aiming to be carbon neutral by 2050 or earlier
Europe must 'Fundamentally reform' its climate policy
Europe warned: Climate change will bring more Lampedusa
Experts mull ways to make Italy better use of structural funds
Generation jobless: The worst youth unemployment crisis in European history should be blamed on its millionaires
One-fifth of total EU budget to be spent on climate action
What happened to the EU2020 strategy?

Stories Database: CLIMATE NEWS

europe graphic
When in a hole, stop digging
Arctic continues to show signs of a warmer, greener state
Canada worst among industrialized on climate
Competing demands on Europe's environment undermining human well-being
Dutch cities have the most ambitious climate targets in Europe, aiming to be carbon neutral by 2050 or earlier
Extreme Weather Risk Index unveiled at UN climate talks
French website to collect all scientific data on CO2 emissions

Stories Database: ENVIRONMENT

europe graphic
Lidar aids urban reforestation
Most companies still releasing unsustainable amounts of CO2-study
Oceans Suffer Silent Storm Of Acidification: International Study
Overwhelming majority of Americans say they've already seen the impacts of Climate Change
Plastic found to account for the majority of marine microlitter accumulating in the food chain:


europe graphic
African farmers face soil erosion, fertiliser puzzle
Blend culture with maps to save vanishing forests
Chile's mining industry can coexist with its glaciers?
China reforms - one-child policy to be relaxed
City 2.0
Countries unprepared for larger share of elderly, UN study says
Eye on EU Countries: Protest in EU Countries (1979- 2012)
Geographical Reach of Somali Piracy: Decade's Review: 2001-2011
Geography of Billionaires
GIS Maps the Way to True Data-Driven Decision-Making
Inequities of the climate crisis
Mapping Global Urbanization
MEP stresses importance of 'smart, sustainable and inclusive' growth in Europe's cities
One map journey for Indonesia with GIS
Russia - Gazprom plans more platforms in the Pechora Sea
Should development aid help contain migration? Infographic


europe graphic

After typhoon Haiyan came the landslides
New Orleans defences strained as hurricane Isaac pounds Gulf coast
1,900 Arctic Cyclones Every Year
A set of Aral Sea photos, with the dates they were taken.
Ancient Forest Thaws From Melting Glacial Tomb
Kilimanjaro's Shrinking Glaciers Could Vanish by 2030
StormUK 2013 crowd-sourced map


europe graphic
Amazing non-profits that are using Geo for Good
Apple Files a Patent Request That Seems Eerily Like GIS
Data science becomes an academic discipline
EU satellite data to be freely available
How much do geographers make?
It's the people, not cartographers, drawing maps today
Maps and the Geospatial Revolution on @Coursera!


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7 Free iPhone GPS Navigation Apps
Data visualisation video on climate change
Earth from Space
Environmental Pollution on Google Earth
Geography game: how well do you know the world?
Geography graduates useful website on careers links
Geothentic learning environment
iPad bulletin on Geography


Fellowships, Tenders and Grants

Visegrad Fund for Masters students and Post-Masters students. Scholars receive 2.300 euros per semester. Open to applicants from: Albania, Armenia,Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldova,Montenegro, Russia, Serbia, or Ukraine. Deadline: 31 January 2014,

ERC Starting Grants for PhD Researchers (European Commission). Open to: PhD researchers of any nationality who intend to conduct their research activity in any EU Member State or Associated Country Deadline: 25 March 2014 Grant: €1.5 milion

Prince Claus Fund Culture in Defiance Projects Open to: all parties working in the cultural and artistic spheres in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean Deadline: 28 February 2014 Grant: 15.000 euros

The Ove Arup Foundation invites applications for its smaller project grants. These support projects that are consistent with the education purposes of the foundation in the built environment. Previously funded projects include events, training programmes, workshops and institutional development initiatives. Funding is not available for individuals.

Global exploration fund for northern Europe research grants, National Geographic Society, US This supports hypothesis-based scientific research and is awarded based on potential for new advances in field sciences. The average award is 20,000 euros.

European Space Agency invites applications from European university students for sponsorship to attend a range of conferences

Sustainability project grants Grants are available in four different areas of focus; environment, empowerment, education and sustainable design. Programs or organizations applying for funding must serve communities where Alcoa has operating plants or offices. The minimum grant request is $15,000.

EC Call for proposals: Promotion of trans-national thematic tourism

Call for proposals Lifelong Learning Programme - submission on various dates depending on Action and

EDA: Earth observation and fuel dependencies - call for proposals

Europe for Citizens There are a range of different actions in this funding stream. Visit the following website for more information, including deadlines and dates:

COST: open call for research network funding

The EU Directorate-General for Competition invites applications for a literature review on the role and effectiveness of regional investment aid.

Computers and geosciences research scholarships, International Association for Mathematical Geosciences, US These are intended to encourage graduate students and postdoctoral researchers working in the fields of geocomputation and geoinformatics, and particularly to foster the scientific dialogue believed to be fundamental to the advancement of research by exchanging ideas and expertise with others in the field. Up to four scholarships are available. Award amount max: $5,000 Closing date: 31 May 2014,

Natural resources research student awards, International Association for Mathematical Geosciences, USA These are intended to encourage graduate students and postdocs working on quantitative approaches in the fields of exploration, assessment, extraction and utilisation of a wide variety of natural resources. Up to two awards are available, normally worth US$2,500. Closing date: 31 May 2014,

Mathematical geosciences student awards, International Association for Mathematical Geosciences, USA These are intended to encourage graduate students and postdoctoral researchers working in the field of mathematical methods in the geosciences. Up to three awards are available. The award budget is US$7,500. Award amount max: Not specified Closing date: 31 May 14


Advancing STEM Education with GIS ebook
Aeolian Geomorphology - an introduction available online free of charge
Air pollution by ozone across Europe during summer 2012
Changing transport in EU cities EEA report
Essays on Geography and GIS, Volume 6
Free access to the 50th anniversary edition of The Cartographic Journal
Mountain Research and Development, Volume 33, Issue 4 available

Calls for papers
Journal of Economics and International Business Management JEIBM
Conservation Science is considering papers for inclusion
Contention: The Multidisciplinary Journal of Social Protest
E3 Journal of Environment Research and Management
Electronic Journal of Research in Educational Psychology
European Educational Research Journal
European Journal of Geography
International Journal of Humanities and Social Science (IJHSS)
International Journal of Online Pedagogy and Course Design,
International Higher Education Teaching and Learning (HETL) Review Journal of Agriculture and Biological Sciences (JABS)
JABS Journal of BioUrbanism (JBU), architecture, planning, and built environment
Journal of Digital Humanities
Journal of Global Studies in Education
Journal of Learning Analytics
Net Journal of Social Sciences
Open Geography Journal
Prime Journal of Social Science
RIGEO: papers in education geography
Ubiquitous Personal Learning Environment (UPLE)

Geographical Events
A list of 2014 events and conferences are located on the main EUROGEO Web site: Click here

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